Small Run exhaustively searches for stunning art by local artists.

What we do

Small Run lists both original, one-of-a kind artwork and high-quality, limited edition, archival prints of artwork, all by established local artists. We make it incredibly easy for people to turn a blank wall into a showcase for beautiful artwork created by artists in their community.

Our friendly team helps you choose artwork that will fit on your wall and with your style. You can select art from our easy-to-navigate website, or we can help you choose artwork that fits your home.

We deliver your new artwork to your door ready to be framed or, if we handle framing for you, ready to hang, with simple instructions.

How we work

We hand-pick a small group of artists and artwork that reflect the diverse range of art being made in Seattle. We work with artists who are masters at their craft, brilliant in their execution, and all-around good people from our community. We only list work we love, and we do the work of narrowing down the list of options so that you don’t have to.

To learn more about how we select, frame, and ship artwork, visit our FAQ.

Why we started

Small Run was founded by an artist with a knack for business development and a lawyer who almost majored in art in college. By the time they became friends, they’d both noticed that it seemed unnecessarily difficult for people who appreciate art to find and buy unique, locally made art for their homes.

They decided to solve this so people no longer have to choose between buying mass-produced prints, sifting through massive online retail art collections, or navigating the opaque world of art galleries.