Artwork & Artists


Can I see your artwork in person before I make a purchase?

We’ve found that many of our customers don’t have time to visit art galleries, so we don’t have a physical location that’s open to the public. This also helps keep our prices more affordable, which is an important part of our model. However, we offer consultation services, including the virtual mockups of artwork in your space an in-person visits, to help you choose the perfect artwork for your space.

In addition, we understand that buying artwork is a big decision, so we offer a return policy in case you change your mind.

For people who are itching for an in-person glimpse of current Small Run artists’ work, we occasionally host pop-ups in artists’ studios or other spaces. We post pop-ups on our website. Keep an eye out!


Is Small Run artwork framed?

For most pieces, we give you the choice between having a piece unframed, or framed and ready to hang. Some pieces are already framed and are only offered with the frame included. Other pieces are intended to be unframed and are mounted on sturdy wood or another backing that stabilizes the piece. We give you the option of handling framing for all other pieces for you, eliminating the hassle of finding a frame shop and selecting a frame that looks good with the piece, not to mention the unpredictable cost.

For framed pieces, Small Run selects a frame that best compliments each piece, then most frames are custom-cut and handmade by Framebridge, who ships artwork directly to you from their U.S. studios. Framebridge's mouldings are made of solid wood with premium finishes, including acid-free materials and high-quality acrylic with UV protection. Framing costs are included in the total price for each piece of artwork. Small Run charges a small fee (approximately $20 per frame, automatically built into our framing charges) to handle the framing process for you. A few of our larger pieces are framed in custom-made frames created by local frame shops.


How do you select your artists and the pieces you feature? Why do you feature such a small number of artists and works?

We hand-pick a small list of artists and artwork that reflect the diverse range of art being made in Seattle. We take our time searching for local artists who are masters at their craft, brilliant in their execution, and all-around good people from our community.

We want to help people find work that will transform and define their visual space, and to be part of how they connect to their community by supporting artists who might live around the corner.

We also do the work of narrowing down the list of options so that you don’t have to, selecting only work that we love and that we hope others will too. Choice overload can lead people to buy things they’re not very happy with in the long run, and we help avoid that by listing a small number of outstanding pieces at a time. We add new artists regularly to keep our selection fresh, but we never rush our process.

We also have a large selection of work we don’t list on the website, but can search for your project, including for a business theme or other specific need. Just fill out our Tell Us About Your Project form for a free consultation.


What do Small Run artists get from sales of their work?

Our artists are essential to our vision of getting unique, local art into the hands of more people who appreciate it. We pay our artists a commission on each sale made through Small Run, including originals and each limited edition print.


Do you provide consultations or recommend artwork to customers?

Yes! You can request a free consultation with us by filling out our Tell Us About Your Project form. We love to help people find the right artwork for their style and space.


What’s the difference between original artwork and limited edition archival prints?

Small Run lists both original, one-of-a kind artwork and high-quality, limited edition, archival prints of artwork, all by established local artists. In some cases, we feature both an original piece and a limited number of archival prints of the same piece, sometimes in a different size than the original.

Our archival prints are currently offered in limited editions of either 7 or 75, and, once an edition is sold out, it will never be reprinted (with some rare exceptions, which are noted on the artwork detail page if applicable). You can be fairly sure you won’t see a print like yours at your neighbor’s house or in your boss’s office, unless, of course they have uncannily impeccable taste.

Original artwork is created in the medium listed on the detail page for each piece. Our custom, locally-printed archival prints are extremely high quality, usually to the point where they are nearly indistinguishable from the original. Our prints are expected to last for at least 100 years, and we’re proud to make incredible art available to a broader audience with our limited editions.

No. We agree with artists on a size for each limited edition, and we don’t make changes once an edition is listed on our website. We feel that each piece presents well at a particular scale. Some art looks great enlarged to a certain scale, while other art is best kept at an intimate scale.

If you’re looking for a specific size for your space, fill out our Tell Us About Your Project form. Many of our artists have artwork that is not listed on our website that we can try to match with your space.


Is the artwork signed?

This is completely up to the artist. Some artists sign their work, others don’t. For prints, if the original is signed, then the print will include that signature; if the original is unsigned, then the print will be too.


Can I commission a new, original piece by one of your artists?

Absolutely! Please reach out to us at support@smallrunart.com to discuss a commission.


Do you do installations for clients?

Yes! In addition to the hangable artwork we offer, we specialize in developing, designing, and installing art that is tailored to your space, in collaboration with our artists. Please email us at support@smallrunart.com if you’re interested in working with us on an installation for your home or workspace.


Shipping, Delivery, & Installation


Do I pay for shipping?

Shipping to Seattle is free! Shipping is also free to select cities near Seattle.

Shipping and handling costs will be added to your order if you live outside of our free shipping area in and around Seattle, based on your delivery zip code.


How will my art be shipped? Will it require a signature?

Your artwork will be shipped in secure packaging by mail or courier, or hand-delivered by our team if you’re in Seattle. For insurance purposes and to make sure your art makes it safely into your hands, we can’t ship to PO Boxes, and a signature will be required upon delivery. Anyone present at your shipping address can sign for the package.

If we frame your artwork through Framebridge, then it will be delivered to you directly from Framebridge, in their box.


Will my artwork be insured?

We will insure your artwork if we ship it to you via courier, and this cost will be included in your shipping charges.


When can I expect to receive my artwork?

It can take up to about 4 weeks for your artwork to be delivered, depending on whether it needs to be framed and a few other factors. We will keep you updated throughout the production and delivery period. You can also email support@smallrunart.com at any time to ask about the status of your artwork.


How do I install my artwork?

Your artwork will arrive ready to hang. We include all the hardware you need and a simple installation guide. The only things you’ll need are a hammer, measuring tape, and possibly a power drill.




What is Small Run's return policy?

We do our best to balance our commitment to paying our artists as quickly as possible after a sale is made and our desire to give our customers some time to confirm that they’ve made the right choice about a piece of art. We therefore give our customers 10 days to live with their new artwork and let us know if it isn’t quite right, and another 10 days to get it back in our hands. Returned artwork must be in its original condition when we receive it from you.

If you return a purchase in accordance with our full policy in our Conditions of Sale, we’ll refund the full price and tax you paid. We won’t refund the shipping costs, if any, and you’re responsible for paying for return shipping.

Currently, if you’d like to make an exchange, we’ll process your return and you can make a new purchase for your replacement artwork.


How do I return artwork?

Contact us at support@smallrunart.com within 10 days of the date your artwork was delivered to you, and we’ll walk you through the process. You’ll need to ship the artwork back to us in its original condition, and make sure we receive it within 20 days of the date you received it. More details are in our Conditions of Sale.


What's the story behind Small Run?

Small Run was founded by an artist with a knack for business development and a lawyer who almost majored in art in college. By the time they became friends, they’d both noticed the same recurring problems in the art world, coming from the angles of artist selling work and buyer looking for local art. It seemed unnecessarily difficult for people who appreciate art to find and buy unique, locally made art for their workspaces.

They decided to solve this so companies no longer have to choose between buying mass-produced prints, sifting through massive online retail art collections, or navigating the opaque world of art galleries.


How do I contact you?

You can email us anytime at support@smallrunart.com.