Steven Markussen

Steven creates art in his Seattle-area garage using readily available building materials: plaster, wood, wood ash, concrete, burlap, and varnish. Steven’s working-class childhood and experience as a veteran shape his work through his choice of materials, themes, and rough, highly-textured surface finishes.


Where’s your hometown? Lincoln, Nebraska

What’s your favorite part of the creative process? The dialog that occurs between my thoughts, my hands, and the piece.

Do you have any routines or rituals as part of your artmaking process? Discipline: I work on some form of making art each day.

Do you think of a particular piece in your body of work as representing a turning point in your career? In 2015, I made a series of paintings and sculpture that addressed my personal connection as a veteran to the 2012 suicide data reported by the Department of Veteran Affairs. This series opened an internal approach to my work.

What’s one thing you want to make sure you do in your lifetime? Stay true to my own vision as an artist. Follow concepts that interest me. Chase the values which are important to my work. Remain honest with myself about what makes my work personal.